Technical Innovation

1. Research and development, along with the application and promotion of new resin, specialty resin, special resin and modified resin.

(1) The emulsion ACR grafting VC copolymer resin project jointly developed with Hebei University of Technology has established pilot devices with annual output of 500 tons. Pilot scale production has been completed. Its product quality has reached desired effects and identified by Hebei province Science and Technology Department. The technical level has reached international advanced levels and awarded first prize of Zhangjiakou Science and Technology Progress.

(2) The suspension method ACR grafting VC copolymer resin project jointly developed with Beijing University of Chemical Technology has made a successful pilot scale test and working to achieve 10,000-tons/year of industrial production.

(3) The research and development of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride project in cooperation with Tsinghua University, and nanoparticles modified PVC in situ polymerization technique study project with Beijing University of Chemical Technology have a small test in progress, which has made gratifying results.

(4) The development and research of the extinction resin has provided for industrialization experiments. The product performance has been tested by users.

(5) The checks and governance of mercury distribution for PVC production by calcium carbide method developed along with Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Shanxi University solved the problem of mercury consumption and pollution caused by the calcium carbide PVC production method.

(6) The two-way replacement corrugated guide flow strip plate type large vinyl chloride converter technology developed with Beijing Innovation Polymerization Technology Co Ltd.

2. Reforming traditional industries with information technology

The company’s production systems constructed 14 sets of advanced automatic control system (DCS) and power microcomputer protection system, including the first real-time database-centered production management information system in the chlor-alkali industry, television monitoring system covering the whole plant, detection and alarm system of toxic, hazardous and flammable and easy-exploding gas,  power cable temperature on-line detection and alarm system with the use of advanced optical fiber temperature measurement technology, MES system of equipment and resource management, enterprise resource management information system (ERP), collaborative office system (OA) and video conferencing system, which realized the DCS and applications via the real-time database system.

3. Development and application of low vacuum heating technology based on the surplus heat utilization and cogeneration.

The cogeneration device conducted R & D for thermoelectric low vacuum running heating system, built the exhaust steam recycling device, and recycled the exhaust steam of the expansion tank by energy cascade utilization, which can achieve an urban central heating area of 4.4 million square meters. Now three million square meters has been built to promote urbanization; meanwhile, comprehensive utilization of chloride synthesis furnace reaction heat and vinyl chloride synthesis reaction heat - the lithium bromide unit producing 7 ° C water for production system, brought targets of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan to completion ahead of schedule.

4. Development of high-processed PVC products

The company has built the polymer synthesis and processing applications lab and pilot plant of high-processed PVC products; develop different uses of PVC products to extend the PVC industry chain.

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