Hebei Shenghua Chemical Industry Co Ltd (Hebei Shenghua) is affiliated with China Haohua Chemical (Group) Corporation, a subsidiary of ChemChina, which is located in No 10 Shenghua Dongdajie, Zhangjiakou city, Hebei province. It is a backbone enterprise of the city, and for the domestic chlor-alkali industry and one of the Top 500 chemical enterprises in the country.

Hebei Shenghua, formerly a state-owned enterprise named Zhangjiakou Resin Plant, was established in 1970. It became a private-owned enterprise through shareholding reforms in May 2000. In June 2007, it joined ChemChina and turned into a state-controlled enterprise after cooperative restructuring with ChemChina New Materials Company by means of a capital increase and shares expanding. After restructuring, ChemChina New Materials held a 60 percent stake, while Hebei Shenghua’s share accounted for 40 percent. In March 2008, in accordance with the enterprise spirit, Hebei Shenghua was incorporated into China Haohua Chemical (Group) Corporation after industry segment consolidation and restructuring. In September 2011, China Haohua conducted an overall acquisition of Heibei Shenghua and made it a wholly-owned subsidiary.

With registered capital of 464.85 million yuan ($73.09 million) and gross assets of 2.389 billion yuan ($ 375.8 million), Hebei Shenghua covers an area of 2.4 million square meters with 1,786 employees, including 382 professional and technical personnel and 15 with senior professional titles.

Hebei Shaohua consists of 11 offices and engineering research institutes, including production running, quality control, and marketing and five production plants and installation companies, known as the Chlor-alkali Plant, the Electric Meter Plant, the Thermal Power No1 and No 2 Branch Plant, and the Calcium Carbide Plant. The company has established a provincial-level technical center, Hebei Chlor-alkali Engineering Center and post-doctoral research station.

Main products are PVC resins, caustic soda, caustic soda, liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid, oxygen, chlorine, dissolved acetylene, coated kettle agent, water treatment chemicals, and new building materials with production capacity of up to 2*200,000 tons PVC resin and caustic soda. The company has a 60MW thermal power plant to meet its demand for electricity, which is a centralized heat source for urban areas covering 4.4 million square meters.

Taking development as the top priority, Hebei Shenghua has carried forward the Shenghua spirit – "talent, cohesion, hard work, development" – with guidance of the scientific outlook on development in recent years. It has adhered to innovations to enhance its core competitiveness; as a result, economic efficiency has increased year by year. In terms of sales revenues and profits, it was 770 million yuan ($ 12.11 million) and 15 million yuan ($ 2359500) in 2009, one billion yuan ($ 157.3 million) and 20 million yuan ($ 3.146 million) in 2010, and 1.1 billion yuan ($ 173 million) and 21 million yuan ($ 3.303 million) in 2011 respectively. It has won many honorary titles such as the Advanced Energy-saving Unit of National Oil and Chemical Industry, the Chinese Chemical Brand of Excellence, China Good Faith Demonstration Unit, Advanced Unit of National Corporate Culture Building, Hebei First Recycling Economy Demonstration Unit, Hebei First Innovative Pilot Unit, Hebei High-tech Enterprise, Hebei Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, Hebei WuYi Certificate of Merit, Hebei Quality and Efficiency Enterprise, the Advanced Unit of Scientific and Technological Progress, and the Enterprise of Outstanding Contribution.

Hebei Shenghua has built a stronger company, closely followed the development of strengthening the main industry while extending business vertically to build a circular economy. In response to China's environmental protection policies, Hebei Shenghua is taking its relocation as an opportunity to build a chlor-alkali base with ChemChina in North China, while using Zhangjiakou Wangshan Recycling Economy Demonstration Zone as its construction platform. The project covers 213.3 hectares with total investment of 10.5 billion yuan ($ 1.651billion). The first phase project has an area of 113.3 hectares, with two new 200,000-ton caustic soda and PVC and supporting thermal power stations PVC project with total investment of 2.5 billion yuan ($ 393 million). Its construction started on July 29 and is scheduled to get put into operation in June 2012. The second phase project, with one billion yuan investment, moved the 2*200,000 ton of caustic soda and PVC in the old factory to the new park and aimed to be up and running at the end of 2012. The third fluorine chemical project has an investment of seven billion yuan ($ 11.01 billion) and will begin the construction in 2013. Upon completion, sales revenues could exceed 20 billion yuan ($ 157.3million). In accordance with "low energy", "zero emissions", and "green initiative", Hebei Shenghua has adjusted its product structure through relocation, to form structural depth featuring interdependent devices and utilization of resources. The new park will be built into a resource-savings, environment-friendly, and responsibility-targeted large circular economy demonstration base at international advanced levels.

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