①To achieve a recycling economy and “zero emissions” as long-term strategic objectives

②To realize resources utilization by integration and environmental protections;

③Keep upgrading production scale of major products for scale benefits;

④Follow the path of soda-electric integration and soda-refined chemical oriented by development and product structuring;

⑤Develop CPVC product series, PVC pipes, special sectional materials by product structuring and expand deep processing of PVC products by extending industrial chains;

⑥Producing brand products to build a well-known enterprise;

⑦Create chlor-alkali base in North China -- industrial park zone of environmental protection and low carbon;

⑧To persist with sustainable development and produce new walls and nano calcium carbonate with industrial residue to establish an environment-friendly enterprise for cleaner production.

By the end of the “12th Five-year Plan”, Hebei Shenghua Chemical Co. Ltd. had developed with cleaner production and marched toward an industrialized development path with high scientific contents, low resource consumption, little environmental pollution, better economic benefits, recycling and low-carbon economy.

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