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Since it joined ChemChina, Hebei Shenghua has worked at becoming bigger and stronger by following a development strategy of strengthening the main business while extending it vertically. Hebei Shenghua followed a national policy requiring hazardous chemical companies with inadequate health protection to relocate themselves, and used it as an opportunity to build a North China chlor-alkali base with a circular economy, in conjunction with ChemChina, while at the same time using the Zhangjiakou Wangshan Demonstration Zone (for a recycling economy) as its construction platform. The project covers a 213.33 hectares area and cost 10.5 billion yuan ($ 1.67 billion).

The first phase covers a 113.33 hectares area and has two 200,000-ton caustic soda and PVC units, with thermal power stations, and a PVC project at a total cost of 2.5 billion yuan ($ 393.25 mllion). Construction is scheduled to go into operation in June 2012. The second phase, with one billion yuan in investment, involved moving 2*200,000-ton caustic soda and PVC units from the old factory to the new park and is expected to be up and running by the end of 2012. Construction work on a third fluorine chemical project, involving seven billion yuan ($ 1.1 billion) in investment, is expected to kick off in 2013. When all the projects are completed, sales are expected to exceed 20 billion yuan ($ 3.2 billion).

Hebei Shenghua has worked in accordance with a scientific concept of development that emphasizes low energy consumption, zero emissions, and a green initiative to adjust its product mix for optimal use through the relocation process. This has given it interdependent operations and the comprehensive utilization of resources and, the new park will be built into a large resource-saving, environmentally friendly, responsible,  circular-economy demonstration base at the international level.

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